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Hillsong Chapel – Yahweh (2010) [Acoustic Album]

Track Listing:
1. Hosanna (Live)
2. You’ll Come (Live)
3. Run (Live)
4. The Time Has Come (Live)
5. Saviour King (Live)
6. Yahweh (Live)
7. Came To My Rescue (Live)
8. Stronger (Live)
9. This Is Our God (Live)
10. You Hold Me Now (Live)
11. From The Inside Out (Live)
12. Mighty To Save (Live)
13. Salvation Is Here (Live)

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Hillsong United – I Love You Forever’2010 "Exclusivo"

Artist: Hillsong United
Album: I Love You Forever
Release Date:
Style: Live Worship
Label: Hillsong
Quality: 192kbps
Format: mp3
Size: 105 MB

Track Listing:

01. The Time Has Come
02. Salvation is Here
03. From the Inside Out
04. Take it All
05. Hosanna
06. Shout Unto God
07. What The World Will Never Take
08. There Is Nothing Like
09. Look To You
10. Tell The World
11. All Day
12. Savior King
13. One Way [Bonus]
14. The Stand [Bonus]

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Hillsong Youth – Closer Autumn EP2’2010

Year: 2010
Artist: Hillsong Youth 
Album: Closer Autumn EP2 
Style: Praise/Worship
Quality: 320 kbps
Format: mp3
Size: 38mb 


1. Unending Love [Audio Sample]
[Words and music by Sam Knock and Jill McCloghry]
2. None Beside You [Audio Sample]
[Words and music by Chris Davenport and Dean Ussher]
3. Light [Listen Full Song]
[Words and music by Jarryd Scully and Harrison Wood] ]

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Hillsong Youth – Winter TP / The Stand (2010)

Track Listing:
1. Giving it All Away
2. Theres only One
3. Hope Restored
4. All You Are

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Hillsong United – The I Heart Revolution – DVD Full

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Hillsong-A Beautiful Exchange [2010][DVDFull] Exclusivo

01. Our God Is Love (Joel Houston and Scott Ligertwood)
02. Open My Eyes (Reuben Morgan and Braden Lang)
03. Forever Reign (Jason Ingram and Reuben Morgan)
04. The One Who Saves (Ben Fielding)
05. Like Incense With Sometimes (Brooke Ligertwood and Rich Mullins)
06. Greatness Of Our God (Jason Ingram, Stu Garrard and Reuben
07. The Father’s Heart (Gio Galanti and Jorim Kelly)
08. You (Joel Houston)
09. Love Like Fire (Matt Crocker)
10. Believe (Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan)
11. Beautiful Exchange (Joel Houston)
12. Thank You (Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding)


Hillsong London
* The Answer
* God Our Salvation
* For All You Are
* All Things New
* Glorious One
* A Beautiful Exchange: Behind The Scenes

Video & Audio Properties:

Codec: MPGV
Resolution: 720×480
Frame rate: 29.97
Audio: DTS
Channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Capacidad: 6.33 GB

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Hillsong Live – With Everything (Subtitulado En Español) (Videos Clips)

Band: Hilsong Live
Video: With Everything
Year: 2010
Style: Rock / Pop/ Alternative
Country: Australia
Length: 00:04:31
Size: 208.53 MB
File Type: .AVI
Resolution: 1280 x 720



Hillsong Live – [The Very Best Of Hillsong Live] 2010

01. Salvation Is Here
02. My Redeemer Lives
03. For All You’ve Done
04. From The Inside Out
05. Worthy Is The Lamb
06. Made Me Glad
07. The Stand
08. I Give You My Heart
09. Take It All
10. Everyday
11. At The Cross
12. Hallelujah
13. The Potter’s Hand
14. Came To My Rescue
15. One Way
16. For Who You Are
17. Mighty To Save



Hillsong LIVE – A Beautiful Exchange (2010)

Año: 2010
Artista: Hillsong Live
Album: A Beautiful Exchange
Style: Praise and Worship
Nota: Subi los dos que faltava

Lista de Canciones:
01. Our God Is Love
02. Open My Eyes
03. Forever Reign
04. The One Who Saves
05. Like Incense/Sometimes By Step
06. The Greatness Of Our God
07. The Father’s Heart
08. You
09. Love Like Fire
10. Believe
11. Beautiful Exchange
12. Thank You
13. Forever Reign (Radio Version)



Hillsong United En Español – Con Todo (2010) EXCLUSIVO


El nuevo y tan esperado álbum ‘Con Todo’ es la última producción de Hillsong Live grabada en español por Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan y el equipo de Hillsong. Incluye una selección de 14 conocidas canciones de alabanza y adoración como ‘Hosanna’, ‘Poderoso Para Salvar’, y ‘Con Todo’…

01 Para Exaltarte.
02 Hossana.
03 Correré.
04 Desde Mi Interior.
05 Canción Del Desierto
06 En La Cruz
07 Rey Salvador
08 Poderoso Para Salvar
09 Soy Libre
10 Poderoso
11 Solo Cristo
12 Es Nuestro Dios
13 Eres Mi Fortazela
14 Con Todo



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