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Youth Alive WA
Anyway – Youth Alive Wa
You’re perfect
So perfect
In every single way
There’s nothing I could change
You’re lovely
So beautiful
Your eyes are like the sun
And I know that they’re on me

Don’t You know
that I want You so?

Now I have seen Your face
The warmth of Your embrace
I could never turn away
And the beauty of Your Name
A song could not contain
But I’ll sing anyway
Anyway anyway

My Jesus
My saving grace
You’re everything to me
I know I’ve found my place
In Your hands
In Your life
You take away the pain inside
You gave me life


Youth Alive WA
No God Like Mine – Youth Alive Wa
There is one thing
That I know for sure
It’s that you love me
More than I could ever know
You changed my life
So I give you my all
You’re worthy
‘Cause you laid down your life

There’s no substitute for your love
And I will sing for you always

There is no God like mine
He rules the Earth
Let all creation sing his praise
King of all kings
Most holy one
And I’ll forever shout your name

There’s no God like mine
There’s no God like mine

Angels stand in holy wonder
You alone are the lamb that was slain
Generations will bow and worship
The one who is
And is to come
The holy one


Youth Alive WA
GOD OF MIRACLES – Youth Alive Wa

Youth Alive WA – Long Story Short (2007)

1. Because You Love Me
2. Follow
3. Take Over
4. One Glorious Day
5. Spirit of the Lord
6. All of the Above
7. Crazy
8. Never Be Forgotten
9. Rescue
10. Surrender
11. Saviour of My Soul
12. God of Miracles
13. Can’t Live a Day
14. J.E.S.U.S
15. Shout Your Glory

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Youth Alive WA – Shout Your Glory (2005)

1 Crazy
2 Take Over
3 Rescue
4 How Much
5 Shout Your Glory
6 Anyway
7 Surrender
8 Living For You
9 J.E.S.U.S.
10 Follow
11 All Day

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Youth Alive NSW – One (1999)

01. Exist
02. Cure
03. I Need You
04. Melt
05. Always Forever
06. Love Song
07. Deeply In Love
08. Godly Vibe
09. Gotta Get More
10. Save Them

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Youth Alive – The Plan (1998)

1. Windows Of Heaven
2. Serve The Man
3. Are You Hungry
4. True Disciple
5. Anything (For You)
6. U.R.Y.
7. Fill My Heart
8. God Made The World
9. Real
10. Light My Way

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Youth Alive NSW – Chosen One (1997)

1. Let The Fire
2. Salvation
3. Sing Hallelujah
4. Chosen One
5. You Are Holy Lord
6. You Are My Lord
7. Fire
8. I Give You My Heart
9. And That My Soul Knows Very Well
10. The Real Thing
11. Steppin’ Out
12. Power To Ya

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Youth Alive – Jump To The Jam (1996)

1. In the Gap (Prelude)
2. God Has All the Grace and Power
3. We Declare the Power
4. I Can Feel Your Love
5. Give It Up
6. I Wanna Be With You
7. I Just Love You So Much
8. Jump to the Jam
9. Song From Heaven
10. Jesus Lover of My Soul
11. Shout to The Lord
12. You Will Always Be
13. Always Singing Your Praise
14. Send It on Down

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Youth Alive South Australia – Aliens from Planet Worship (1995)

1. Intro 2:16
2. MC in tha’ house 3:08
3. Techno joy 4:20
4. Aliens 4:26
5. Desert winds 4:09
6. Jump to the jam 4:39
7. No-one else but You 5:47
8. Holy Spirit eyes 5:13
9. Worship medley 0:44
10. Something beautiful… 8:06
11. He is exalted 4:38
12. I ever will proclaim 4:18

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